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Notice: Due to site maintenance on the National Federation of Paralegal Associations website, external links may not be operational while maintenance is in progress.

NFPA provides a Comparison Chart of the paralegal regulation and certification programs currently in place; as well as whether the jurisdiction has enacted a definition of the practice of law. The document may be downloaded from NFPA using the following link: https://www.paralegals.org/files/REGULATION_CHART_10-14final.pdf

NFPA Models

NFPA provides direction for paralegal regulation and licensure. Below are links to NFPAs models:

Additionally, the American Bar Association approved a resolution for model regulatory objections for non-attorneys. The resolution may be reviewed at the following link: ABA Model Regulatory Objectives for the Provision of Legal Services

Regulation Programs by State

The following chart provides a quick overview of programs currently in place over paralegals.

 Through State BarThrough State Statue or Administrative Rules Through Local Paralegal Association 
 Florida Registered Paralegal Program (FRP)Arizona Legal Document Preparer (LDP) *Note - Through AZ Codes of Judicial Administration Delaware Certified Paralegal Program (DCP) 
 Indiana Registered Paralegal Program (IRP)California Legal Document Assistant 

 Florida Certified Paralegal Program (FCP) *Note - must be NALA CP to sit for exam

 North Carolina Certified Paralegal ProgramUtah Limited Paralegal Practitioner (LPP) *Note - Utah Supreme Court approves LPP (December 2015) Certified Kentucky Paralegal Program (CKP) 
 Ohio State Bar Association Paralegal Certification Program Louisiana Certified Paralegal Program (LCP) *Note - must be NALA CP to sit for exam 
 South Carolina Supreme Court approves Rule 429, SCACR creating voluntary certification of paralegals (to be administered by state bar) Minnesota Certified Paralegal Program (MnCP) 
 Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization Programs (TBLS)  New Jersey Certified Paralegal Program
 Washington State Limited License Legal Technician Program (LLT)  Oregon Certified Paralegal Program (OCP)
 Washington State Limited Practice Officer (LPO(through the state bar)  Pennsylvania Certified Paralegal Program 
 Wisconsin State Bar Board of Governors approves Voluntary Certified Paralegal credential (June 15, 2016)  Virginia Registered Paralegal (VARP)

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Disclaimer: Paralegals are not permitted to practice law in the State of Oregon and may not provide legal services to the public except as permitted by law. Read more from the Oregon State Bar here

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